As son of a brewery director, he successfully completed an apprenticeship as brewer and maltster at Tucher Brewery and then began his studies at Weihenstephan (TH Munich). As a research assistant he gained practical experience in business consulting. He completed his doctorate with the topic “The influence of the yeast breed on the characteristic of beer”. The results were the basis of the later Weihenstephan yeast bank. The yeast breeds from this time are still in use today.

As 1st Brewmaster (1958-64) of Löwenbräu, he was responsible for ten bottom-fermented and two top-fermented (wheat) beers. His technological planning was reflected in a new brewhouse and new fermentation and storage cellars. The latter were still designed for conventional fermentation, maturation and storage. In 1964, he was appointed to the chair of “Technology of Brewing I” and as head of the Weihenstephan Teaching and Experimental Brewery. Thanks to his achievements in science and practice, he enjoys worldwide recognition. The “Ludwig Narziß Prize for Brewing Science” was created and named after him. His honours are correspondingly diverse, including an honorary doctorate from the Technical University of Munich, the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Bavarian Order of Merit, the Bavarian Beer Order,…

Besides all this, he is an outstanding personality!


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Udo Bodenberger