Our future editorial programme:

According to the purpose of the Brotherhood,
“…to promote beer as a noble beverage of cultivated sociability.
cultivate tradition; convey pleasure in the enjoyment of beer
cultivate international togetherness”.

the programme around beer is to be understood as open and flexible.

  • Presentation of sponsors of the newsletter
  • Reports from the chapters, friendship meetings, general assemblies
  • Reports about the beer market, breweries, supplier industry, beverage trends
  • Special events (e.g., Day of the German Beer)
  • Historical background and news about the beer industry
  • Short portraits “about beer”, starting with Prof. Dr. L. Narziß
  • Miscellaneous “aufGelesen” – quotes, sayings…
  • Circulation: 4 times per year

Dipl.-Ing. (TUM) Udo Bodenberger