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Dear Notable,
dear members,
dear friends of the beer,

We would like to welcome you to BierConvent International and wish you lots of fun with our information about one of the oldest and finest drinks in the world.

Of all the drinks in the world, none is as common in all countries and continents as beer. In all the layers of the population of this earth, beer, as the oldest man-made drink, has conquered over the millennia in multiple variations a permanent place for refreshment and enjoyment.
So what is better suited, regardless of all social and national differences, as a friendly mediator from person to person, to serve the encounter, the conversation and the conscious search for common ground than the beer?

This fundamental idea led to the founding of BierConvent International in 1965.

What we do

BierConvent International sees itself as a worldwide brotherhood. The association pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes in the sense of the charity regulation of 24 December 1953, in particular by the promotion of the social awareness raising and thus the people education by research, care and education about the 7000 years old cultural drink beer.


Latest news of the BCI

Chapter Baden Württemberg startet ins neue Jahrzehnt

Das Chapter Baden-Württemberg traf sich am 21.Januar 2020 zum 1.Stammtisch. Diesmal wegen Umbaus im Ausweichquartier „Rossknecht im Sudhaus“ in Ludwigsburg, ebenfalls unter präsidialer Leitung wie das Stammlokal „Rossknecht“. Das neue Jahr fing gut an mit einer großen...

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