Uncompromising quality, in harmony with people and nature – as an entrepreneur in public
Paul Greineder, born in 1942, doesn‘t fit into any mould. More than 35 years ago, when he was still CEO of the Würzburger Hofbräu and later the Löwenbräu, he was considered a “green manager”. He campaigned for the Purity Law to be relaxed, which led to the Munich Beer War in the 1980s. With regard to the Purity Law, he took a very clear position: chemistry is allowed here, but natural diversity is forbidden. That is still being discussed today. The first developments of organic beer have their origin at this time. A little later, however, he left the industry because he was convinced that you can only realize your ideals as an independent entrepreneur. Today he is the managing partner of PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury. The company stands for holistic food, holistic beauty and holistic treatments from medicinal and rejuvenating plants, sacred plants. His company is now the market leader in the area of green luxury applications in 4+ and 5 star hotels. 

Ecology, economy and social justice
Since the 1980s, Paul Greineder has also been committed to sustainable cultivation methods in agriculture. According to his convictions, responsible living and corporate management must include the three levels of ecology, economy and social justice and thus, nature and economy must be closely connected. As an entrepreneur, his special focus is on ensuring that respect for people and nature remains transparent throughout the entire value chain. 


Paul Greineder has been committed for decades to the environment and sustainability, both privately and professionally. He is still active in numerous initiatives and associations, e.g. in the Schülerhilfe Nepal e.V., at B.A.U.M e.V. and the corporate network „Biodiversity in Good Company“ Initiative e.V.

His aim is to show that an authentic, honest and sustainably-managed company can genuinely generate sustainable profits. He has always achieved this in his own company and definitely rejects any kind of „green washing“.

In 1988, Paul Greineder was won over by the BierConvent International. He was a member of the executive committee and acted as treasurer for many years and is committed to this day. He always met this challenge with great knowledge and care in responsibility of preserving the finances of the association.