Of all the drinks in the world, none is as common in all countries and continents as it is
the beer. In all layers of the population of this earth, the beer – probably the oldest drink to be prepared by humans – has conquered in the course of the millennia in many variations a permanent place as a refreshment and enjoyment.

What is more suitable – regardless of all social and national differences – as a friendly mediator from person to person, the encounter, the conversation and the conscious search
to serve commonality as the beer?

This fundamental idea led to the founding of Bier-Convent International. The members of this brotherhood call themselves Notable. They are in a solemn enthronement under the award of the
Insignia added to the circle of friends.

The notables have committed themselves to the goals set out in the statute
of BierConvent International are:

Promote the responsible consumption of beer as a noble drink of cultivated hospitality
cultivate the venerable tradition of beer and promote its social appreciation,
in collaboration with researchers the physiology, psychology and the specific environment of the
Exploring Bieres and making the results of this research accessible to the general public,
To cultivate friendship and sociability.
The BierConvent International is called all personalities and activities, which is the good cause of beer
promote in the spirit of the Notable Brotherhood, welcome.


BierConvent International sees itself as a worldwide brotherhood. The association pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes in the sense of the charity regulation of 24 December 1953, in particular by the promotion of the social awareness raising and thus the people education by research, care and education about the 7000 years old cultural drink beer.

The activity of the association is not directed to acquisition. He can, however, accept donations and attention. He can also act ideally to enforce his goals, provided that all inflows and proceeds are used for the purposes set out in § 2. Any surpluses may only be used for statutory purposes. The members do not receive payments from the association. Upon their departure or the dissolution or annulment of the association, the members have no claims against the club. No person may be favored by expenses that are foreign to the purposes of the association.

The members of this brotherhood call themselves after the enthronement Notable. They are included in a solemn enthronement under the award of the insignia in the circle of friends.

BierConvent International is an international beer brotherhood with leading personalities or self-employed and highly respected.
The approximately 200 notables come from different countries.


  • promoting the responsible enjoyment of beer as a noble drink of cultivated sociability, cultivating the venerable tradition of beer and promoting its social appreciation,
  • explore the physiology, psychology and specific environment of beer in collaboration with researchers and make the results of this research accessible to the general public,
  • Create exclusive events for the circle of notables, relatives and friends that convey the pleasure of responsible beer enjoyment.

The members of the association are committed to mutual respect and help.


Andy Rothacker

Dr. Dagmar Steinmetz

Thomas Haas

Ralph Hilkert


Prof. Dr. Udo Bühler

Dr. Werner Glossner

Dr. Kazusue Konoike

Harry Rentsch

Andreas Walter

Theo Vervloet

honorary senator
Otto Ernst Prehn †

honorary senator
Wilfried Geissler-Sahm


Hirofumi Miki

Switzerland / Liechtenstein
Heinrich Auwärter

Uwe Oehler

Prof. Horst Wurm

North Rhine-Westphalia
Joachim Nile

Saarland / Rheinland-Pfalz
Dr. Hans Karl Bauer