Our Notable Rüdiger “Knut” Ruoss was able to win four of our Notables in order to finance this newsletter.
He himself also contributed the same amount as the other sponsors:

Eberhard-Eugen Bezner | OLYMP Bezner KG
Wilfried Geissler-Sahm | SAHM GmbH & Co.KG
Paul Josef Greineder | PHARMOS NATUR
Sabine Weyermann | Mich. Weyermann GmbH & Co.KG.

Starting with Eberhard Bezner we trace his life’s work in abbreviated form.

Following the sudden death of his father, Eberhard Bezner (born in 1935) had to assume full responsibility for OLYMP – the up-and-coming, medium-sized shirt company – at just 24 years of age. For decades, he devoted his entire energy to this task as Managing Partner before completely handing the management over to his son and successor, Mark Bezner.

One of Eberhard Bezner’s major entrepreneurial achievements was that he was quick to recognize the growing difficulties facing domestic shirt production. Hence, alternatives had to be found abroad to guarantee German jobs. Through constant improvements and innovations, he – from 1990 onwards together with his son – made the company the market leader.

The product range has been expanded on a regular basis by leisure shirts, knitwear, sweatwear, and accessories, amongst other things.

Alongside his years of entrepreneurial activity, he has also played an active political role in the local community of his hometown. He was awarded the badge of honour of the state of Baden-Württemberg for his numerous achievements and is also the holder of the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Owing to his numerous business trips, Eberhard Bezner was aware early on of the difficult and life-threatening situation in the Third World. His guiding principle has always been: “People can only do a good job if they’re not hungry or afraid of their children falling sick and not being provided for.” This is why corporate responsibility has always been deeply anchored in the company’s philosophy.

In 2008, his social and humanitarian commitment led to the creation – together with his two children – of the charitable foundation OLYMP-Bezner-Stiftung. The purpose and aim of the foundation is to initiate and support humanitarian aid projects at home and abroad that help children and young people in the areas of upbringing, health and education.

The foundation is supported at the same time with the income from the “Jazz im OLYMP” festival that he initiated.

With the “Eberhard´s Restaurant and Hotel”, Eberhard Bezner has fulfilled a personal dream. As a keen sports fan and generous sponsor, he has given substantial support for years, particularly to the national league women´s team from the handball club SG BBM Bietigheim.