On what occasion did you drink your first beer?

My father was an Prokurist at Hacker, and there was Hacker Nährbier,
and at the last Friedens-Kirchweih in Fürth, my “real” festival beer!


 What was your most important experience in a brewery/industry?

Developing beers for a brewery at the LGA in Nuremberg when I was 26:
a super Pils, a super Heller Bock, a dark Starkbier – all a success!


 Your motto in life? Your recipe for success?

My profession was passion, leadership an important feature.


 Whom would you like to meet?

Joseph Ernst, Director of the Research Institute in Weihenstephan – my mentor.
Dr Albin Ruppert, Director of the Research Institute for Beer Brewing in Nuremberg.


 What made you decide to co-found the BCI? What can the BCI achieve?

That there is someone who knows the ropes!
A return to the core concern: To represent beer as communicative and healthy.


 What do you consider the most important achievement of modern brewing technology?

Flavour stability through the removal of air in the brewing process and in the bottle.


 Which brewer / brewery impressed you?

Gabriel Sedlmayr, Spaten


Sie haben drei Wünsche frei?

Gesundheit und Wohlstand für meine Familie.


 You have three wishes free

Health and prosperity for my family.


What would you change in the world?

Ensure equal opportunities.

 What do you regret?

That I didn’t learn foreign languages with more intensity when I was still at school.

What question would you ask yourself? And the answer:

Have you achieved what you wanted to achieve? Yes, with gratitude!


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Recorded by Udo Bodenberger